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Tired of the same old boring stories? Itchy for a bit of truth and real experience from a different point of view?

Welcome to Kinetic Lowdown, a curious blog and news sharing website brought to you by Jason and Chris out of Duluth, MN. Our goal is to bring you our opinions on everyday life and share experiences in hopes of obtaining a better understanding within this place we call home. Covering everything from self awareness, cooking, stupid decisions, to the paranormal, you are sure to find something of interest if you’re into weird stuff that makes you think. The point is, we have a lot to say about everything!

Check out blog featuring content of all kinds, always essentially anything we find interesting or have experienced for ourselves. You play an important roll here as well. It’s up to you to share your stories with us! Nobody likes talking to a brick wall especially in Minnesota, eh! Talk to us and let us know your thoughts and experiences, remember no opinion is unworthy so saith Kinetic Lowdown. Our belief is that no idea is set in stone. The world changes along with our understanding.

If you would like us to share your story on our blog or perhaps be a guest on Kinetic Pod, please leave a comment under one of our articles or feel free to send us an email; we look forward to hearing from all wonderfully curious individuals!

Podcast and YouTube information coming soon prepare for launch…



This website is for entertainment purposes only.

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