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The Ghost In A Red Dress

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Death will find us all one day, there is no point in hiding or trying to escape it. I believe from the moment of birth, we should begin preparing ourselves mentally for the grim reaper. What I mean is, in reality, death isn’t so grim. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of the deaths in this world are undeserved and sad. But, as a society, we are not really taught anything about death or what it’s really like to die.

Do you think it’s possible the fear of dying actually plays a larger role in the transition of body to spirit than anything else? If you knew how to die, how to give in and except the trip, would the grim reaper become your best friend?



Please comment below if you have an idea or story to share. Everyone’s opinion matters here and everyone’s input is greatly appreciated!

A small town just outside of Duluth houses an assisted living home worthy of a real, spiritual, paranormal investigation. Not an e.v.p. session, no cameras, just a few enlightened individuals and a good ol’ fashioned meditation session. Contacting the dead with the use of psychedelic substances is an interesting method which doesn’t receive enough attention these days, just another random idea to feed the fire.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with an employee personally who has worked at this haunted assisted living home for almost a decade now, and I’m about to share some of their paranormal stories with you, my friend. Like I said, none of these ghostly encounters I’m about to share with you have been experienced by myself personally, all come from the staff of the home directly.

Paranormal activity of all sorts has occurred within the walls of the various buildings on site, from visual manifestations to bathtubs turning on by themselves in the middle of the night. The spirit world can be a confusing place one may only hope to actually understand when we finally leave this planet behind. Hearing stories like these really spark an interest in the other side, I can’t help but listen to said friend/employee talk for hours, sharing the kind of haunting tales you’d expect to hear on an old Unsolved Mysteries episode.

Let’s begin with the physical activity and electrical manipulation experiences. Apparently, and this happens in different buildings located on site, regular household devices will function without the help of a human being. Coffee makers will brew coffee in the middle of the night for no reason, bathtubs will turn on and off randomly throughout the day, and alarms will go off when nobody’s around to set it off. They have motion floor alarms set up to alert the staff when a resident gets up out of bed, and these alarms sound off at will some nights within the haunted resident cottages. Perhaps at the hands of a restless energy desperately trying to make contact with the living?


It’s obvious the spirit world can manipulate electronic devices, I myself have personally experienced this phenomenon while living at my dad’s house. I wrote about it in the article ‘While Sleeping You May Float’ a few months ago. I wonder how difficult it actually is for these entities to interact with our environment in this manner?

Late at night, while minding your own, you turn a corner and suddenly find yourself face to face with a little girl in a red dress. This is just another common topic of discussion among the staff who work there. According to the residents, this little girl carries an evil energy with her. Interesting to note, different residents from different cottages over the years have reported seeing this red dressed girl, and they all have reported feeling the same negative energy emitting from the spirit.

Who is the red dressed girl? My opinion, the entity seems to be masquerading around this way on purpose, considering her image creates fear among the residents. Furthering the mystery, not just one or two, but several staff throughout the years have witnessed this spirit casually walking the hallways during the night, when they were all alone.

red dress

The little girl in the red dress is not the only entity the staff and residents have laid eyes on over the years. A man who resembles a train conductor has been witnessed, which makes complete sense considering the area’s location is along an old railroad. Along with a few other early 1900’s generation looking ghosts, not much else has been reported visually, except for shall I say, a celebrity of the spirit world. A man wearing a top hat. Some staff have said that the man is just another railroad worker, others say he appeared more like a shadow figure. Whatever the case may be, I believe these people are probably seeing the same thing. Unless more than one entity hanging around that joint enjoys the look of a giant hat, I suppose. The questions never cease!

Similar sightings from different employees who never communicated with one another due to location is more than enough evidence to fuel my imagination with burning questions late at night. I’ve had my own experiences with the paranormal over the years but still, every time I hear another good ghost story I always feel like I’m forever missing out on a vast portion of the unknown world. 🙃


As always, I’m happy to share some my personal paranormal stories with the free thinkers of the world, forever in hope you all will do the same. Please, share your thoughts with us below, and never forget to question the reality which surrounds you.


“It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.”

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  1. I love hearing ghost stories …I myself have experienced some interesting encounters

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