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Growing up in a tourist trap has left me with many years of experience in the restaurant business. I’ve been washing dishes, busing tables, cooking, cleaning, and everything in between except serving customers since I was 16 years old and let me tell ya it’s been an insane journey. Anyone who’s worked in the industry will understand my pain and why I used the word insane here. The struggle is real!  

Please comment below if you have an idea or story to share. Everyone’s opinion matters here and everyone’s input is greatly appreciated!

The paranormal memories I hold from past kitchen experiences are far and few between, but for the sake of a good ghost story I may be able to conjure up another spooky tale real quick. 😉 For the sake of this article and the locals I won’t be naming specific names of establishments.

Downtown Duluth is a pretty cool place to check out, especially if you’ve never had the pleasure of doing so. I feel like the locals really take this place for granted sometimes but hey I guess that’s what always happens everywhere after a while. I myself, am one of those homebodies that doesn’t plan on moving away ever so my opinion is pretty boring, right?


On words and up we go with the creepy, crawly, haunted kitchen tales! All the noise and chaos that happens around a busy restaurant leaves little room for ghostly activity to grab the attention of the hard working staff who bust ass everyday, but every once in awhile strange shit goes down which can’t help but be noticed by even the most closed minded individual. The restaurant I will be talking about had a really strange layout, the main dish washing machine was upstairs, and the triple sink for pots and pans was downstairs. This made working there somewhat of a pain in the ass at times and believe me, I’ve fallen down those steep, tiny stairs with a handful of cast iron pots many, many times.

When the cooks wanted one of the guys to come upstairs to grab some dirty cookware, they would ring a bell. This bell went off all day long, even into the night. I remember closing the restaurant down many times at three in the morning all by myself, and the bell would still go off. Damn right, that bell would ring two or three times all by itself, randomly throughout the night, confusing the poor soul who happens to be alone in the restaurant. This phenomenon was no secret to the people who closed late at night, except for maybe the owner who was often unable to think due to being extremely hammered and possibly on cocaine.


Various things would always move around the restaurant by themselves, things like knives, cookware, ingredients, and so forth would be lost one moment and found another in a completely different spot. I don’t mean losing shit during a busy rush either, these objects you are using yourself, perhaps alone, vanishing at a time you would really notice, as if to fuck around with you.


Hearing voices that shouldn’t exist late at night while working is one of those things that generally creeps anyone out. I know it sounds cliche, but I’ve heard my name called and whispered several times in the haunted kitchen. Phenomenon like this scares the crap out of me simply because I never expect it, shit just happens out of the blue. Bam! Hot potato!

The strangest occurrence the haunted kitchen had to offer was the tossing of random explosive objects, like gallon size mayo bottles for instance. Indeed, I’ve actually witnessed a full, unopened gallon mayo bottle fly off the shelf and cruise clear across the room. The distance was amazing, the damn thing must have made it six feet or more. The most amazing thing about it though, was watching the bottle actually rise up off the self, as if someone just picked it up. If a spirit can throw something that heavy, makes me wonder how much damage they are really capable of if provoked. Scary stuff, man. :O

Have a haunted kitchen story of your own? Share your thoughts with us and please, have a wonderfully spooky night everybody.


“There are some ghost stories in Japan where – when you are sitting in the bathroom in the traditional style of the Japanese toilet – a hand is actually starting to grab you from beneath. It’s a very scary story.”

-Shigeru Miyamoto

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