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A Few Childhood Ghost Stories

Ghosts, specters, and ghouls are the topic of discussion on this wonderful winter evening. Paranormal subjects have always been an interest of mine since childhood when I experienced my first ghostly encounter. Children always seem to see the most interesting things when it comes to this topic, whether the encounter is good or bad. I would love to hear a few of your past paranormal encounters but as always, the discussion will begin a few stories of my own.


 Please comment below if you have an idea or story to share. Everyone’s opinion matters here and everyone’s input is greatly appreciated!

 Let’s jump right in with a warm and toasty spiritual encounter from way back in the day when I was just a little kid still living with both my parents. Our story begins on a casual night within my moonlight filled bedroom, I remember waking up feeling really scared for some reason out of nowhere. Obviously, I started screaming for my mom at the top of my lungs, frantically looking around to make sure something strange wasn’t lurking within the shadows. Fear set in quickly as my sound asleep mother had yet to show up and hold me in her loving embrace. Trust me, when you’re scared time seems to drag on forever and ever.


What happened next to this day still sends wonderful shivers down my spine whenever I think about it. A beautiful, “white glowing” lady walked through the closed door into my room and with a curious smile, approached me with what seemed like the intention of comforting my little fearful self. Perhaps, it could have been just a creation of my own young wandering mind, but believe it or not, I think what I experienced that night was something really special. Anyhow, just as the spirit women began reaching out to comfort me, my mother came bursting into the room and took the spirits place next to my bed, almost as if she became the glowing lady herself, filling her shoes.

I’ve always believed in the possibility that said glowing lady could simply be my guardian angel or spirit guide, only showing herself to me as a child, just like many other people’s spirit guide stories I’ve pondered over the years. At the very least, believing this is true, knowing in my heart she’s always watching from within another realm, has always brought me some kind of comfort while growing up. Honestly, it feels good to know my first paranormal experience I can remember was a loving one. Do you have a guardian angel story or something similar from your childhood to share with us? Here at Kinetic Lowdown we possess awesome ears which are great for listening, and eyes that never grow tired. I can’t wait to hear from ya’ll!

 Moving along to the next “spooky” story I’ve got in mind for ya, this not so tall tale will darken the mood a bit in comparison to the previous. If I can remember correctly, It was around the age of nine when I really began seeing and hearing strange things. I lived with my grandparents at this point in my life due to trouble at home and my parents splitting up for good. They were actually never married, just dating while we were still a family. Anyway as I’ve mentioned before in my blog post titled ‘While Sleeping You May Float’, I have lived through many out of body experiences all throughout my life on this planet. The story I’m about to share, I believe, was my very first “OBE” experience, or at least the first one I can remember clearly.

  Late one night while asleep upstairs in my bedroom, I awoke to the feeling of pure confusion and terror. I couldn’t move or let alone scream, but I definitely witnessed what was occurring in the bedroom surrounding me. Sitting firmly on top of my chest was a nightmarish looking black animal of some sort, and If I were to compare it to something real, I would say it looked like a mini black bear mixed with a black cat. The thing just sat on my chest, looking around the room and then back again, as if it were checking to make sure the coast was clear before proceeding to threaten or attack me. I remember feeling extremely helpless and scared due to my inexperience with out of body experiences. 

After what felt like hours of this black animal just sitting there staring at me, I awoke forcefully, almost jumping clear out of bed on to the floor, completely covered from head to toe in sweat. To this day I haven’t witnessed that strange little black animal again, but seriously why the hell would I want to, right? That little f**ker really scared the shit out of me that night, and I never want to feel so completely powerless ever again. Although many years of “OBE” experience after said event has taught me to fear nothing but fear itself, I could smoke that little sh*t like a bowl of green if it ever tried entering my reality again.



In conclusion, children all over the world live through crazy, paranormal ordeals and most probably won’t fully realize what’s really happening within them until they get older. The sad truth is, most of us tend to forget these memories or simply brush them off as complete nonsense as we age. Please, don’t let getting old ruin your imagination, never forget that everything has meaning, and every experience exists somewhere within this reality we all share. You may never really know for sure, but maybe that strange thing you saw creeping around the corner as a kid was actually there, and maybe that freaky image of a man at the foot of the stairs you witnessed as a child was in fact actually watching you sleep.

 Please share your thoughts with us below, we look forward to hearing from everyone with a story or idea to share. Have an an amazing evening folks! 😱


“The whole idea of being mesmerized and not in control of your own actions is fascinating and a little spooky. I remember hearing about someone who’d gone to a magic act, and a person in the audience had become hypnotized by observing too closely what magician was doing on stage, and thought it was spooky to lose your consciousness that way.”

-Chris Van Allsburg
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