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A New Year’s Philosophy

It's Going To Be A Good Year!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? The strategy you’ve been planning, something you were hoping to actually accomplish in the coming months. I’m sure you get the question all the time, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” Responses like, “Last year didn’t go so well so i’m gonna start over” or “I am going to try something else since it didn’t work out” are all too common.

We all have fallen into some of these patterns where you set yourself up for failure, setting a procrastination point instead of accomplishing what is needed. If you think about it, people make resolutions all year round. (“Next week i’m gonna start working out.” or “I’m gonna quit smoking next month.”) Of course people do succeed at times, obviously. But for the majority this is not the case. Why do we have such a hard time controlling or changing our everyday routines? Are we not the masters of ourselves? Why is meaningful action so difficult?
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 So the real question is, “What’s the point, and does your resolution really mean anything?”

 Please comment below if you have an idea or story to share. Everyone’s opinion matters here and everyone’s input is greatly appreciated! 

Tragedies seem to set people on a goal of change similar to a new year’s resolution. For some it takes near death for them to realize that it’s time to make that change. Are we not strong enough to decide when to make these changes before they happen, or are they inevitable? Is this something we can control? Should an event occur so drastic that it forces you to change, or something set in time like a new year? The answer should be neither.

Truth and free will dwell within all of us as human beings, we only need to be truly honest with ourselves in order to overcome these challenges, but honesty within ourselves and our society is such a rare phenomenon. When it comes down to it, every detail of our system screams fear and distrust. All the regulations, permits, and licenses required to do absolutely everything are all in place to remind us all that we can’t trust another person’s general judgement, and for good reason at times. All of us want a perfect world, and we want the people who control the money to be honest about their decisions, but that seems impossible.

In order to change anything we need to start with ourselves first. Obvious answer maybe, but self control is something people struggle with the most. Our wiring is a very tricky thing to figure out, and it seems people can’t fully grasp even a teaspoon of it. Do you think humanity will figure it’s shit out during the ever progressing computer revolution?

One reality about living on planet earth which nobody can escape is one must accept certain choices happening all around them without their control. People make bad choices, good choices, all for different reasons. An example; say your brother Craig has a drinking problem that has taken over his life completely. He spends his days wandering around town talking to all the folks who are on his level, existing within his reality. Craig brings light into many of these people’s lives, without his drinking problem he wouldn’t be around to do so. Perhaps Craig was born to be drunk?


Could it be, that, every life experience has a place of its own? That every lifestyle has a point? Absolutely no move is a bad move on the chessboard of life? Looking beyond the pain a drug addict causes to their family and friends, just try to imagine the importance of everyone experiencing everything at some point in order to grow as a soul. Basically, I’m suggesting that we all must be the reliable father, the abusive parent, the best friend, and the worst enemy somewhere along our eternal journey to know what it’s really like as a whole. To be complete, the big picture may be just that!

Human consciousness could simply be the universe experiencing itself from the bottom to the top. So how could we judge anyone’s actions? It could just be their time as a soul to learn that lesson, live that reality. Lessons like these could only be taught within a realm like ours, where love and hate, which are essentially the same thing, roam free. 

The universe is a sandbox in which we perceive, some people set forth with a goal in mind some are inevitably predestine by the choices give to them. Thus in itself gives people their reality. If there were only but one reality, with no choices would anything exist? This could be why all life forms have different types of thinking, creating multiple realities filling this sandbox with it’s bizarre existence. In this box you are given no directions, no real obvious tools. Only the ability to create and build yourself utilizing the resources given. While living life day to day as it unfolds you set goals, points of time in which change is expected, but your choices give birth to your reality. Must a resolution be made in order to choose a different path the next day, just to recreate a reality that is already built? Will you utilize the time given to all realities? Can you justify the actions you make to create this existence?

Humanities only resolution, the one decision everyone should make this year, is to be honest with themselves, and allow a reshaping of this sandbox reality we all experience. Please share your ideas with us, we are all in the struggle together! 🙂

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.
-Neil Gaiman

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