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“You’re Not Dead” 

Today we are going to talk about the one and only, psychedelic mushroom. Shouldn’t limit them to just one and only though, since many amazing strains from all across the globe can be found. Gotta mention though, I give just as much props to all the regular edible mushrooms for being one of my favorite things to sauté. Mushrooms definitely have the edible world on lock down, so very delicious my friend!

 Please comment below if you have an idea or story to share. Everybody’s opinion matters here and everyone’s input is greatly appreciated!

Kicking things off let’s begin our discussion with a trip report from awhile back. One beautifully fantastic night a couple friends decided we would have some fun with the fungi. Possibly too much fun that night, some could say. Earlier that day I picked up a sack of golden teachers the three of us would polish off entirely within a few hours. Travis and I each did around 5.5 grams of the funky stuff, while Alex chilled on a cool 3.5.

A typical come up commenced quite smoothly, bringing along the fuzzy and wandering thoughts we look forward to during a magic boomer ride. Intense feelings of adventure eventually brought us to the local swing set with the assistance of our trusty legs. Damn right, you heard me. I said the local swing set. Before continuing, understand we considered ourselves professional trippers. Travis and i ate boomers together more times then I can count, along with lsd, 2cb, and dimethyltryptamine every now and then to spice things up. I wouldn’t necessarily be lying if i said we were on psychedelics for a year straight at one point. 

Moving along with the story we find ourselves at the park having a blast until yours truly mentioned something i would regret. Unaware Travis had began a slow sink into temporary insanity, I stupidly made a bad joke about police choppers chasing us around the neighborhood, assuming the three of us were all on the same level. He became extremely paranoid all of a sudden, starting asking us if he was dead, and if we could bring him home to his parents. By the way, Travis was in his early twenties at the time and his parents lived hours away from Duluth, so you get the picture here.

Travis thought he was dead for the next three hours or so, rambling about, sharing some of the strangest thoughts I have ever heard come from another human being. At one point he actually thought we killed him with an extreme lsd overdose, presenting us tiny pieces of ripped paper he found on the ground as proof. After a few hours of this behavior he eventually chilled out and fell asleep on the floor of my bedroom. Perhaps only an hour or so after falling asleep, he awoke almost completely normal asking all kinds of questions, had almost no memory of what happened the last few hours, except for a few random things like picking up the bits of paper thinking it was acid blotter. Believe it or not, this night was the only negative experience I’ve ever had while tripping for the most part. These little caps sure can take us for a ride!

Reflecting on the previous trip shared, I would like to jump straight into the actual magic mushroom experience and the responsibility one should take when using such things for the first time. Let’s take a moment to break down the different stages of tripping which we like to call the waves. 


The first wave usually hits you around 30 to 45 minutes after ingestion. Feelings start to get very intense after the first wave making it almost impossible for some people to leave the initial place where the trip began. As a few hours pass, you will move through the second and third waves with gradual increases in intensity. You really must allow yourself at this point to let go from reality and your ego in order to communicate with the the mushroom properly.

Another extremely important thing to remember while tripping is to never allow fear within. You are always in control of your emotions! Interestingly, the chemical in magic mushrooms doesn’t actually make you trip. The “high” you experience from the mushroom is actually being created within you, essentially It’s your body fighting off the poison. With this in mind, we can reason that the mushroom serves no purpose without us, and perhaps the other way around as well.

While meditating your way through the third wave, an awakening of some sort should occur at some point. The fourth wave should usher in a whole new world and point of view, leaving you feeling like you just received the greatest body massage ever. Energy will radiate through your entire body like you have never felt before, along with an inner peace some may never have known before. I recommend not letting this energy go to waste!

Great examples of things to do during the final waves of the mushroom trip include hiking through the woods, writing music, sexy sex with a trusted partner, basically anything that makes you happy and gets your body moving. Discussion about the nature of reality is always welcome within our group, it’s amazing how many questions can be answered during a powerful boomer spell. If you find yourself running out of options, just throw on a sweet album and party son! Although I can’t stress enough the spiritual and physical benefits one can enjoy from a good old fashioned meditation session.


The mushroom wants to speak with us, not through words but through feelings and thought patterns. The late Terence Mckenna believed these entities we meet within the realm DMT brings us can also be felt during a psychedelic mushroom experience. I believe if psychedelics are used properly under the supervision of a shaman, almost anyone can have a life changing experience. The key to learning how to guide a group trip properly takes years of experience, as well as a polished understanding of human psychology. Respect is something I can’t stress enough in this field.

Be safe when experimenting, and never forget to know your mushrooms! Share your psychedelic mushroom stories with us below. 👍



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