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While Sleeping You May Float

A Series of True Paranormal Stories

Consciousness; a force which carries an energy that may be felt physically and emotionally by all of us. We are all connected to this planet and each other more then some will admit. Throughout my life I’ve experienced things which led me to question conscious thought and I would love to share these encounters with people who share an interest in the nature of reality. Today, I will discuss a few real ghost stories from my past.

 Please comment below if you have an idea or story to share. Everybody’s opinion matters here and everyone’s input is greatly appreciated! 

Around the ripe old age of 18, I lived in my dad’s basement often sleeping on an air mattress, with all my band equipment surrounding me. At the time I was going through a rough patch in my life which left me depressed often, and perhaps this helped open the door to something unwelcome and hungry waiting to feed off my emotions. Our thoughts and feelings are very powerful forces in this world quite literally responsible for laying down the ground of your future; that is another discussion for later.


Let’s begin with the night I awoke to the full bodied dark image of a young women getting up off the bed and walking into the bathroom; at first I thought it was my girlfriend at the time until I realized she wasn’t even sleeping over that night. This female figure appeared darker than darkness itself with absolutely no weight to her presence. Some nights it would be impossible to sleep because my mobile bed would become freezing cold for no legit reason. I tried to solve the problem by dragging the mattress to the other side of the room to get away from it, mind you the heater was cranked up working to full effect. The presence seemed to enjoy being around me or at least had some kind of personal interest which still bothers me slightly.

Things became very interesting soon after my current girlfriend of six years moved in with me. As she began staying over more often the ghost girl or whatever energy was behind the activity became more and more intense. The presence did not want another person sleeping with me at night and if I had company over strange things would usually happen. Magic time was three in the morning. I know, it kind of sounds like a bad movie, but I promise you it’s a real phenomenon.

One night at 3 am, right on the money, an angry pounding stomp a woke Desiree’ and I up as if a large man jumped off the couch in the living room. I honestly thought someone was trying to break in upstairs above us at first. Other strange things happened around the house for example my alarm clock would go off at 3 am on occasion and every single night for months at exactly 3 am my laptop would turn itself on and begin running programs for no apparent “rational” reason. The computer didn’t stop doing this ritual til the very day Desiree’ and I moved out together a year later.

The first thing I notice before it happens is the sound. It resembles the noise an old television would make if left on the audio/video channel; a shocking, buzzing vibration throughout your whole body just before your out of body experience occurs. A few things I learned from these frequent travels is that I was unable to hear the outside world surrounding me. The sound of a television or radio making noise in the general area I slept became silent during these experiences. Imagine being deaf to the world with a voice in the room that seems familiar yet unknown laughing at you because every time you try floating up near the ceiling, you end up falling back down to the floor.

Yes, while sleeping you may float. The beginning usually starts off with another strange buzzing sound followed by what feels like sleep paralysis. When this happens do not give in to confusion and fear. You may hear voices and they may speak directly to you; thankfully in my experience they felt playful, almost as if we were close friends before. Eventually I figured out how to become mobile in what I like to call roller ball spirit form. My advice, just try to relax and flow with your being not your body whenever you awake unable to physically move. I could explore the world around me feeling like an all seeing eye with cloudy vision. Imagine eyes in the back of your head…that’s what it was like.

Every once in awhile I would see a shadow person during an out of body experience. The being was quite short in size compared to some stories I’ve heard, probably standing about three and a half feet tall with a fair amount of bulk to it’s figure. Oddly enough, I never really felt like something could harm me and I believe that is the key to overcoming something like this. Fear can not be an issue.

Laughter and joy seem to act like a barrier against the shadows. Dark energy can not stand you openly making fun of it to a point where you have a sore gut and tears of laughter rolling down your face… Or perhaps I just have an amazing guardian angel watching over me. Either way the shadow figures have yet to show up again after we moved out. Funny thing happened though a few months ago when I was at my dad’s place, both my dad and his girlfriend brought up the ghost girl at the expense of a dinner plate. We witnessed the plate shatter before our eyes for no reason, it was just sitting flat on a table only to explode into pieces at the mention of her. 

Pictures mysteriously finding their way off the wall and on to the floor at my mom’s place is perhaps a little different than your typical ghost story.  Staying at my moms on the weekends was the norm back then due to my parents separation around my five year old birthday. This night began kinda strange, and the environment just felt unusual for some reason.


As I lay in bed tossing and turning I could hear footsteps in the kitchen along with the sound of drawers opening. By the way my mom was sleeping like a rock this whole time, go figure. Zeppelin, our house cat would not stop meowing! He would make his way upstairs and walk all over me pawing at my face, only to journey downstairs again back and forth, over and over with endless meowing. Our cat never acted this way, not in a million years and hasn’t since. About an hour later the noise stopped so I decided to check it out…

The first thing I did was check the front and back door to make sure they were both locked tight. Both doors were locked… What I found in the living room shocked me to the core of my very being. All the pictures on the walls, family photos, were removed from the wall and stacked neatly in two different piles on the floor face up. On top of the entertainment center all the candle holders had been flipped upside down with the candle still on top as if someone just flipped the stand and just set the candle back on. It was a mind f**k to say the least.

Paranormal stuff didn’t usually happen in that house leading some of us to think maybe it was our grandfather(my mom’s dad) who passed away not to long before this event which would explain the family photos neatly stacked on the floor, perhaps an attempt to get attention/say good bye to us. To this day I wish I knew what exactly happened downstairs that night. If we had a camera recording perhaps we would have seen floating pictures self stacking; or maybe it just doesn’t happen that way at all. I would love an answer to that question.

People have all kinds of ways to deal with experiences like this and our spiritual beliefs play a huge roll in how we interpret them on a personal level. One thing I have come to realize is that humor, like I mentioned before seems to have the greatest power for gaining the upper hand over almost any negative situation. I believe evil can not exist when good humor is present. I often wondered if laughter, straight up real laughter on a grand scale could be used to cleanse an area which is supposedly haunted or possessed with a demonic presence. Has this ever been used as a technique? I know for a fact that it worked to a point for me, like I said before, the shadow figures I witnessed never got a hold of me…maybe. The energy is still present in that home to this day. In my opinion humor may just render it dormant, or maybe the shadows I witnessed never had ill intent at all. Questions.

Hopefully when death arrives the mystery will all be revealed. The weird shit that happens constantly is just to curious for me; there must be a point when we actually understand, right?

I have a theory that perhaps the reality we experience as a living being will never see a future where we fully understand everything completely, not even when we have overcome our cancer like behavior on this planet, mastered space travel, and actually have a real understanding for something as random as a ghost on a massive level. I suppose a fractal could be used as an example for this idea. Basically we will never know it all, the universe will always unfold a new “space” to explore. If that is the case at least we know we will never be bored I suppose.

So much to discuss and I want to hear from everyone who has a voice and opinion on the offbeat occurrences they have lived though. Share your thoughts, eh?

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

-W.B. Yeats


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