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This realm we all call home truly never fails to amaze and mystify the majority of us who take the time to really appreciate every little detail it has to offer. Everyone should constantly question the nature of reality, never let a day slip by in front of the television without a thought as to what’s really going on around you. So much untapped beauty dwells on planet earth…things are really not as they seem you know? Modern day quantum physics paints a pretty picture worth a thousand words, but for now let’s keep it in the past. Minnesota houses deep rooted legends passed down from the Native American tribes who lived on this land for centuries, it’s a shame these mind boggling tales from our country’s mysterious past still remain taboo. Our question is simple. Has anybody out there ever experienced some of these stories for themselves firsthand?  


 Please comment below if you have an idea or story to share. Everybody’s opinion matters here and everyone’s input is greatly appreciated!

 Local Ojibwe and Chippewa legends hold many insightful stories about creation, the nature of existence, earth spirits, shape shifting entities, and so much more. The Odyssey has some serious competition in comparison I assure you. Over the years I’ve stumbled upon a few personal experience stories where people believed to have came into contact with various beings like Waagoshii-Mindimooye, the riverside dwelling Memegwesi, and the little people living within the woods who go by the name Bagwajiwinini; but honestly, I can’t find all that much information in regards to real life encounters. Personally, I believe Bigfoot is a shape shifting nature spirit and if you really dig you will find evidence to back that up. Encounters of this nature, spiritual encounters, are not being talked about very often it seems…This needs to change if we plan on learning something while on this planet. One entity in particular has gathered a lot of attention from media and the public in general recently. The Windigo, is what i am speaking of. The legend tells of a man eating spirit who wanders the forest forever looking to fill it’s never ending appetite, unable to achieve satisfaction. Sound familiar? Another version of the Windigo is simply a man who shape shifts due to excessive cannibalism, another obvious lesson here! Any how, Kinetic Lowdown has another true story to share. 

The strange disappearance case I’m about to discuss took place many years ago before I was born, near the Gun Flint trail on a small river pronounced pluff creek. My grandfather Charles and his sister’s husband Gus would often go on all day fishing trips around this area, splitting up near the beginning of the river and slowly fishing their way back down til they met up with each other in the middle. During one of these trips, Gus simply vanished into thin air. Mind you both of these men had military training paired with vast knowledge of the general area, leading people to believe it’s not likely anything stupid happened to him. Charles realized something was wrong that evening when Gus was nowhere to be found at nightfall, considering they drove up in the same vehicle together and were miles deep in the woods with no explanation, I would imagine panic set in quick. The police were alerted immediately and soon after an all out manhunt took place involving over a thousand people side by side, searching the woods for clues to his disappearance. Nothing was ever found of Gus, not a shred of clothing, no fishing equipment, absolutely nothing was ever found of him.

Oddly enough, apparently many people have mysteriously gone missing in that area over the years, and the Gunflint trail also happens to be one of those places where the Windigo is supposed to roam, according to local legend. Coincidence?

As the years passed, this became somewhat of an underground theory behind Gus’s strange disappearance. Perhaps the forest swallowed him up? It still remains an unsolved mystery. Much love and respect.



“One may say the eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.”

-Albert Einstein

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  1. Great post! I have been interested in the windigo since I was young. I read about it in book and was so intrigued.

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