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The Mysterious Reoccurring License Plate

 Occasionally you have to sit down and ask yourself… how is that possible? How in the hell did that just happen? Am I plugged into the fucking matrix? Everybody has experienced strange events in their life that defy explanation whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. The thing is sometimes these occurrences are very small, almost unnoticeable to the average busy person who is just trying to get through the day. Let’s kick up some dust in our memory bank, shall we? An interesting story comes to mind from my past, to this day it still eludes me, so why not lay it out for discussion.

 Please comment below if you have an idea or story to share. Everybody’s opinion matters here and everyone’s input is greatly appreciated!

“Six six six, the number of the beast!” Iron Maiden always brings me back to a few bad road trips which an everyday license plate became some kind of omen warning us to turn around and run to the hills. During my high school years a few friends and I gave a go driving back home from the campground on Clear Water Lake, quite possibly the best place to go fishing and party without leaving the state. Seriously though one time a moose walked through our campsite stepping over our tents as if they were shrubs. No better way to describe that experience then being wasted around a campfire with good friends.


Being young guys around 16 years old, mistakes were expected to be made. Obviously, this is because we live on planet earth where suffering usually creates positive results somehow. Such a sweet deal. The presence of Mary Jane throughout the entire trip surely played a role in our bad choices, but what can i say it made a fun memory.

So what happened? We drove in the wrong direction until the car ran out of gas, believing we were on our way home. The truth is revealed! For hours we drove in the wrong direction! I remember leaving the edge of the Canadian border feeling extremely confused and almost in disbelief that we had pulled off such a stupid task. Literally ignoring all road signs for miles takes some interesting conversation to say the least. Out of desperation we even tried selling an I pod to some border patrol dude for gas money before we turned the car around.

The first gas station we passed on the way back home had a group of uni cyclists hanging out in front of it, laughing and doing what ever those people do for fun after dark. They were our only chance to score some gas money quick. Slowly we pulled up next to them asked if they wanted to “trade” as we had plenty of Mary Jane to spare but no cash at hand. Surely people who unicycle in a group this late at night would be interested in our offer? Sadly that was a false assumption. Can you believe that?gallery-1444331703-abandoned-hirta-scotland

Anyway, on we go til finally the car shits out a few miles later while rolling up next to the car in the parking lot with the 666 license plate number. It marked the end of the road for us, almost seemed to mock us with it’s stupidly appropriate existence. Just think, if you had this plate number around 2007 in Minnesota, you may have contributed to our careless adventures perfect ending.

Life carried on as usual, naturally I completely forgot all of this until a few years later. Why is it, the only time I’ve ever seen a 666 license plate, happened to occur before something bad was going to happen? I won’t go into specifics right now but our story continues when a buddy and I took a trip down south to pick something up from a friend near the border of Mexico.

While leaving the Minnesota state line, first car to pull out in front of us had a 666 license plate. Looking at each other laughing, we cracked jokes about how this trip would end terribly. A few days later we left our southern destination feeling good about the situation, until another car pulled in front of us with the same 666 plate. “Again?” “Really?” I thought to myself. A few miles down the road things felt even stranger when we rolled into a gas station which had an orange jumpsuit tapered on the window. Why? I have no idea, but it was the same style jumpsuit both of us would soon be sporting behind bars for two weeks.

The next day while on our way back home we were illegally searched and arrested by some small town cops for marijuana possession and transportation. I won’t really go into further details but I will disclose that I was eighteen when this happened and the court case went in our favor… The main point is the overwhelming sense that something was trying to warn us the whole time. Or perhaps it’s all just happenstance?


Dig deep with this one, really try to remember the last oddball coincidence you have had. We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on the little things like this we tend to forget, I know i’m not the only one who has noticed how the universe speaks to us in this fashion. Allow those minds to wander friends. What’s your coincidence?



“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

-Ian Fleming


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3 Comments on #Coincidence?

  1. Weird, man. I had a strangely similar experience, trying to get home to Wisconsin from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Stoned and cruising, enjoying the beauty of nature until a sign said “Canadian Border 5 miles”. Ugh. I didn’t run out of gas, but did run out of Mary Jane.

    My kids love when I quote the intro from that Maiden song you mentioned. “Woe to you, oh earth and sea, for the devil sends his beast with wrath…”. A life lesson for sure.
    Thanks for the article. I look forward to more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh man I’ve heard it’s beautiful up there. As a kid my grandparents and I would go fishing on the other side a few hours drive from Thunder Bay and i’m pretty sure it was the coolest place in the whole freaking world. In all seriousness though at one point we stumbled upon a small island which housed a fouls gold mine shaft that must have stretched down for miles. The ground was caved in around the entrance, it actually felt kind of dangerous. Anyhow like you said a life lesson indeed it was! Moments like these we should never forget. Btw, Steve Harris is the shit! He’s one of my top 5 favorite bass players of all reality.


  2. Damn!


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